Students who choose this address to attend the third, fourth and fifth year classes of Industrial Design Design for six hours a week, and the Industrial Design Laboratory for four.

Design Industrial Design and Industrial Design Laboratory are the group of materials of address. The rest of the hours are common to all other addresses of the Art School.

Currently, the three-year sections devoted to industrial design are the D and H.

At the end of the fifth year the second test scrittografica the State Exam will focus on the content learned during the design lessons and lab hours.

The location of the course

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN The classes take place in the branch premises in via della Cittadella 3, a few steps from Via Garibaldi.

The Industrial Design Laboratory and design classrooms are located on the 4 piano. In the same building are carried out of the Book of Design and Fashion Design classes.

Students of classes of Industrial Design, the final three years of the D and H sections, attend all the lessons of the week in the office in Via della Cittadella.

The secretarial services are carried out at the headquarters in Via della Rocca 7, near Piazza Vittorio.

"Italian We are like dwarfs on the shoulders of a giant, all. And the giant is culture, an ancient culture that has given us an extraordinary, invisible ability to grasp the complexity of things. Articulate the reasoning, weaving art and science together, and this is a huge capital. And for this Italian spirit there is always room at the table for the rest of the world. ”
Renzo Pianoda:"Come away with me" RAI3

Design Industrial design

Industrial Design (English Industrial Design), is the use of applied arts is that of applied sciences in order to improve aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and / or usability of a product. It sees improved marketability and production. It develops and builds solutions for problems of form, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand development and sales.

Programs used in teaching:


The widespread professional CAD


Three-dimensionality at hand


The most widely used design program


The application for the three-dimensional prototyping
"We all architects, sculptors, painters we must turn to the profession. Art is not a profession, there is no essential difference between the artist and the craftsman. In rare moments of inspiration and grace from heaven, beyond the control of the will, They can ensure that the work can flourish in art, but perfection in the craft is essential to every artist. It is a source of creative imagination "
Walter Gropiusda:"Programmatic Bauhaus Manifesto"

Laboratory of Industrial Design

The Design laboratory is equipped with specific machinery and equipment for the production of models and prototypes. Access to laboratory, accompanied by the teacher, the guys from three years to design, realize and experience the design solutions identified. The materials used are among the most disparate: from wood to polycarbonate, from carton to metal, from clay to plasticine. The model processing is an integral part of the design process, It is inserted into the curricular program, it is essential to elaborate the second round of the State Exam design.



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