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I wish a good school year

with excerpts from the writings philosophical and pedagogical

John Dewey's 1916.

from "Democracy and Education” 1916

"True nature of life is to fight to keep them- re. Why this continuation can be ensured only with co- Stant renovations, Life is a process of self-renewal.

What nutrition and reproduction are to physiological life, education it is for social life. Education consists princi- marily in the transmission by means of communication.

Communication is a process by which you participating in the experience until it becomes common heritage. It alters the provision of both parties who participate. "

"Life is development, and develop , grow is life. (…) The pro- educational process is the process of continuous reorganization, rich- struction, transformation. The inclination to learn from life itself and to make the conditions of life such that everyone is able to learn in the very course of life is the finest product of the school. "

from "The education and social order" (in Educational Frontiera – 1933)

The need for curiosity

"The real alternative to ask questions is not the confusion mint- the, but the development of a spirit of curiosity, that will keep the stu- tooth in a attegiamento of investigation and research.

(…)The open mind is a bore, if it is simple liabilities available to accommodate all the emptiness that lies beyond the opening, while it has meaning only if it indicates a mind in active search, on the alert for un'ulterio- King further knowledge and understanding.

The school as a community cooperative

"Educators need to move quickly to a orga- organization of the school as a community cooperative. "

The Headmaster

(Dr.. Giovanni La Rosa)